“In this previously unpublished interview from 2002, the Genius sat down with Kevin Beacham to discuss the path to Wu-Tang and the origins of a great MC.” Source, Link

I know you’ve done some directing of videos. What have you done?
I’ve done all my videos. “Shadowboxin’/4th Chamber” – that was a medley. One thing about that video – that was the one of the only medleys that you can’t see the difference in the songs. Nowadays you have artists that have medleys that go from one song to the other, but you can see the transition. When I did “Shadowboxin’/4th Chamber” it was all done on the battlefield, but when one song went to the other you couldn’t tell because when it switched tracks, that’s when the war started. Ever since I did that I started seeing other artists take just a couple hundred thousand more and doing the same thing. Not to take from them, not to say they bite, but people come to me with all that like, “Yo, you did tractor trailer stuff now everybody wanna do tractor trailers, everybody wanna be in a truck.” I came through in a trailer with a whole side full of speakers – that was “Breaker, Breaker.” I’ve done “Cold World.” I did the “Liquid Swords” video. I did the “Camay” video for Ghost and Rae. I’ve done a video for Case at one time. I’ve done at SWV video featuring Redman. I’ve done about twenty videos. The song I did with DJ Muggs, I directed that video (“Third World” with RZA). I directed “The Tragedy” video for RZA – we did that in Hong Kong.