Anti-Party Music / Asita Recordings release another quality recording on special 8″ format featuring classic material from Joe Dubb’s 1999 album, Noise Pollution. Also included are unreleased songs from the same period. For those unfamiliar with Joe Dub (see also: old joseph, young joseph), he was part of the the world famous San Francisco Street Music, Westcoast Workforce, and reppin’ SF since the early 90s. I didn’t catch on until I discovered Atak sometime in ’99 but song for song Joe Dub is probably my favorite hip hop artist period. Recently he did a beat for Ellay Khule for the new Project Blowed album as well as everything on the upcoming Ellay Khule album – In My Own World. He also did the track ‘Subtalk’ from Subtitle’s new Young Dangerous Heart album which I’ve been listening to everyday this week.
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