Extensive interview with DJ Breakout, DJ Baron, KK Rockwell, Keith Keith and Rodney C conducted by Troy L. Smith. Link

Troy: So when was the last time you touched turn tables?

Breakout: I touched them serato turntables, them s— is crazy.

Baron: I do the Serato.

Breakout: So when we do Edenwald you not going to do wax?

Baron: No wax, yeah two wax vinyl records that’s it.

Breakout: Yeah I got to learn that before then.

Baron: I got all that.

Keith Keith: Yo Troy do you have that New York to San Francisco routine on one of your tapes?

Troy: Nah how does it go?

Keith Keith: You don’t know? That’s the fly joint, I say that to myself every day.

Troy: Can you say that routine right now?

Keith Keith: You a funny guy Troy. Are you ready? A cappella style.

“From New York to San Francisco
we are the Brothers Disco
the crew that has most everything
in stereo sound
our audio collection
meets up to our perfection
we are the nastiest crew
in the whole town
so come on down
and put us to the test
see who’s music really rocks the best
we will fix you up with a bass
that will fix your face
guaranteed to rock the whole damn place
from New York to San Francisco
We are the Brothers Disco
the crew that has most everything
In stereo sound
so the story is told
across the whole wide world.
(Bongo Rock comes on.)
We rock together
like a paddle and a ball
and the game we call ping pong
that’s why we are the crew
you call the brothers disco
rock so sweet
and unique.