Deep Puddle Dynamics

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[audio: Travel Radio – Deep Puddle Dynamics Freestyle Pt 1 1999.mp3]
Part One

[audio: Travel Radio – Deep Puddle Dynamics Freestyle Pt 2 1999.mp3]
Part Two

Deep Puddle Dynamics Freestyle Parts 1 + 2 on Time Travel Radio ‘99

This is when they were in Chicago to do a show. It’s the one where they performed on the staircase of the Congress, it was rather entertaining. Alias references it in his first freestyle. Sole doesn’t disappoint and says something controversial…ha. He makes a comment about EL P, this when they had “some words”…he also references how the other members of the crew wishes he wouldn’t do such things…ha. His freestyles, as well as his banter, is entertaining and fresh. Sole is such a character, there’s some many things he just says that make no sense and I don’t mean when he’s rhyming :). When he came to the show the first time and I’m playing some underground stuff like L’Roneous, Labtekwon, and they are about to freestyle so I turned the mics on and happen to hear him say, as if he is surprised, “I thought Kevin was Jiggy…” WTF?!?!?! I have no idea where that came from. However, my favorite Sole story is at Scribble and I stop by their hotel and I’m with Foster who was Co-hosting Time Travel at the time. When Sole goes to introduce us to his people he goes this is Kevin and his partner, “Hunter”. How the hell he got “Hunter” from Foster we’ll never know…ha. It was so classic and he said like he was so sure of himself. It was so perfect that “Hunter” became a primary alias for Foster on the show for a long time…

Anyway, back to the freestyle. Dose One really kills it all thru out. Just his flow and style is bonkers. Slug kicks a nice XXX freestyle for his first one with some nice word connections. It’s pretty fresh in the second half of the session when Dose & Slug go back n forth for a few minutes over a classic Labtekwon track. Near the end Sole is freestyling and Slug is throwing him random topics like “Chick McNuggets”, “Free Masons”, “Wood Ticks”, “Pelicans” & “Porn”.