Intro to Crooked I’s “The Block Obama” mixtape, dropping soon. He also supposedly has another mixtape dropping this summer titled “Dream Tapes” which consists of verses and hooks developed in his dreams and recorded on a micro-cassette recorder he kept on his dresser.

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Crooked I – Intro/Rappers Ain’t ShitBR>
Crooked I: I’m gonna open a global website for MCs. It’s an international site for MCs to upload freestyle and music once a week. I’m also doing a five to seven minute web show. It’s a hip-hop variety show that will probably land on different sites. Just to keep the visual hip-hop art form poppin’. Then, in the summer I was thinking about releasing these tapes I have called The Dream Tapes. I wasn’t even going to tell the public about this, but it’s been happening my whole life – I dream verses, song ideas and hooks when I’m sleeping. So what I do is, sometimes I wake up and I record them with a micro-cassette recorder that I keep on my dresser. Sometimes the material when I’m dreaming and the rhymes I’m thinking of are kind of abstract. Sometimes it’s kind of weird, but I guess that’s because of some subconscious flavor in it or whatever. But I’m gonna release these Dream Tapes. And I know these won’t be something that everybody will get into, but there’s going to be some hip-hop heads who wanna hear what it sounds like when the dude goes to sleep and dreams a rap. So I’m gonna put that out and just show the world that, hey, this is me. I do this when I’m sleeping, I do this when I’m awake, I’m hip-hop to the fullest. I just can’t wait, I’m excited to see the outcome. ‘Cause some people might be like, “That’s some weird shit, he needs to stop that.” [Laughs] (via)