Musical Essence interviewed Rik Cordero a few weeks back. Thoughtful responses on a variety of topics. Peace to Joell Ortiz.

7. I saw you got a shout in KING Magazine. What does that mean for your company and you and the future?

Yeah that was a great look. Shout out to Matt Barone at XXL and my good friend Consequence for sharing the page. I thought it was amazing to be among the 2008 Coming Kings crowd. I knew I stood out because I looked like a little kid playing dress up among these authors, actors, doctors, etc. If me in a suit in King Magazine will bring more work in then so be it. I’m ready to represent Three/21 Films for the long haul. Our production group isn’t based on a gimmick or a trend but from the ideas of talented individuals and hard work. We’re ready to challenge the entire industry on how artists can create visual art. Our dissatisfaction with the mainstream music video scene comes from the stranglehold that technology has in the 35mm, studio based music video business. The status of the cranes and cameras, the armada of trailers and trucks and all the managers and producers whose sense of self importance taint everyone involved with pretentiousness.

Filmmaking is an artform that’s less than 100 years old. Music and painting are older have been around since cavemen could sing or write on walls. This is an artform and we’re ready to blur that budget line. Do you think a producer needs a $50,000 drum machine to make a beat or a writer needs a $100,000 piece of paper to tell a story? We will challenge the system every step of the way. You can’t stop raw talent and due diligence.

11. Thanks for doing this, any last words?

Shout outs to my partner Nancy Mitchell, Steve Carless, Brady Nields, Mike Fox and the entire Three/21 Films group. Very special thanks to Music Essence for the support as well as all the bloggers and artists who contribute something to our Hip Hop culture. We’re in this together. Oh and for the up and coming filmmakers please remember these three things:
Success is less about money and more about how valuable you can make yourself to others.
Always stay inspired in everything you do because nothing can stop perpetual energy.
You can always tell the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.