Witchdoctor talks to Sixshot.com about being under-appreciated in his hometown and making music since cats were in nursery school. His latest album titled “Global Warning” is available on his mysp*ce along with several other hard to find albums. via Six Shot

Sixshot.com: So you’re saying that the music we’re hearing from Atlanta now was influenced by you?

Witchdoctor: Exactly bro. I can prove it. I was here doing my thing when everybody was pretty much in nursery school. That’s just the facts. I mean these cats were in nursery school when I was running the streets. In Atlanta we had booty music, which was for the females to dance in the club, strip club music, but we ain’t talkin’ about that. We’re talking about hip-hop. We’re talking about niggas in the street grindin’ with their music. I’m the first one to do that and if anybody wants to disagree put me on TV and I’ll say it to their face. Everybody out here is getting a whole lot of credit for a whole lot of things but where is Witchdoctor’s name at? I’m going to start being more vocal about this. I’m the oldest rapper over here. Look at the “Holiday” video. You seen that video? It’s all on Bankhead. That video was shot at Bankhead. T.I., Jeezy, Ludacris, all these cats were in middle school when that video was shot or elementary school, one of the two.

Sixshot.Com: So how do you feel about the music that T.I., Jeezy, and Luda are making?

Witchdoctor: They music is great. My problem with them is how they forget the cats that made it possible for them to be where they are today. As far as their music and the money they made, that’s perfect. I commend them for that. As far as New York MC’s go though, I respect them cats because they know how to pay respect to those that came before them, those that made it possible for them to do what they’re doing. When people think about Atlanta they think about who’s hot right now. They don’t think about the niggas that paved the way for these cats.