Ooohh! That’s Heavy!


How long has Ooohh! That’s Heavy! been around?

The label was started up in late 2006. Our first release didn’t come out until April of 2007.

What else do you do besides Ooohh! That’s Heavy!?

Not much…work, school, the normal grind.

Your label is vinyl only. Why did you decide that format and what do you like about vinyl over other formats?

I think vinyl has a better sound quality then any other format. I keep hearing people say that it’s a matter of time before the format dies out completely. I figured I’d do my public service and release some good quality music on vinyl before it’s completely obsolete. I’m still the type of dude that would rather drop $15 on an LP then $10 on a download. I feel like I’m getting more “bang for my buck”. Plus… they smell good.

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