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Rza revealed in a recent interview he is working on the score of Vin Diesel’s new movie, Babylon A.D. (via)

WW: I want to ask about some of the other projects you’re involved in. Are you working on any soundtracks right now?

RZA: I did all my work already. It’s all coming out. We’ve got a movie called Babylon A.D. starring Vin Diesel and directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. It’s a big, big blockbuster type movie, big sci-fi type movie that comes out in September, and I’m involved with the score on that one. They actually combined me with Hans Zimmer and his team. The RZA’s team and Hans Zimmer’s team have combined to create a hybrid kind of score for this movie that’s based in the future. So I think it’s going to be a good vibe for the audience out there, and it’s a good movie anyway – a very thought-provoking movie.