How do you feel about the industry shift from Revolutionary to Gangsta?
I don’t think it shifted to the gangsta. I just think it shifted to a heavier corporate position and the corporations that decided what’s easiest to buy. Girls Gone Wild sells better than a Malcolm X book. So, there’s no question that a million motherfuckers would want to get drunk and get in front of the stage, see some titties and shit. It’s millions of motherfuckers like that, that won’t let go. It’s not too many people who want to sit down and meditate, take time and say, what the hell am I doing here? We’re not trying to say stop the party, ain’t nobody stopping no party. But if you ain’t here to focus motherfucker, you’re going to be in prison, you’re going to be out here with no job, and you going to be wandering, and when you go to the club you’re going to be broke. You got to learn how to be a man; you got to learn how to be a woman. This is basic street knowledge that you have to give to the people.

So, X-Clan Millennium Cypher, what’s that all about?
Millennium means, I can’t say it means under new management, it just means that the circle has increased and evolved. It’s the second generation of us. We have the cipher to handle millennium issues. The internet and young heads, there’s an issue. When you got old men seducing the young through this (internet) there is a problem. There is a problem with wisdom and attention deficit. You can’t say shit to the next generation about passing on science. We can’t even pass on Hip-Hop correctly. They make their own shit. The sub-cultures of Hip-Hop are killing the game. So, if I say you have to go to learn from history, Kool Herc, and then go to the jazz greats, and run all the way back to the future, they say, man, fuck that, I’m going create my own shit. I’m going to create this Trip-Hop shit, create my own weapon and separate myself from the game. That is happening everywhere, homie. Do you know how much I’m learning on these tours about little sub-cultures of Hip-Hop? The major cities have the big tours, but the small towns, they’re not accepting the culture like that. They don’t have twenty mixtapes sitting on their shelf saying, who’s the baddest emcee or not. They make the rules. You got a bunch of Lord of the Fly motherfuckers running the game in their region. So, when you got to do a show in their town and you don’t speak their language, you ain’t getting no dough, period. So, that’s why these artists are stuck in New York, or stuck in Detroit, or stuck in Atlanta and can’t get out. Why? Because that Chitlin Circuit we are suppose to be creating doesn’t exist. But for the white artists, it exists. You go on a white Hip-Hop band tour, there is a channel and circuit that is created for them wide open. And I’m telling you the truth. And I don’t have a racism problem. I’m just telling you the truth. When I tour with Damian Marley it’s 85% white people. And when I tour with Jurrasic 5 it’s 85% white people. Why? Because your label is saying black people don’t buy records and black people don’t go to concerts. So, if I advertise in your area they feel like they know better, so they’re not going buy your damn ticket anyway. That has created the separatism in Hip-Hop. That stereotype; I want to break that stereotype. You know good and well when X-Clan come to town a million black people are coming out to see us, homie.