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Hip-hop music was born from THE LOOP. Some of the illest beats of all time are simple 2 bar loops with drums tossed on them. Of course I appreciate chopping when it is done well and serves a purpose, but somehow the technical aspect of it has become a measure of beat quality? So you can hop on Limewire right quick and download a Leon Haywood MP3, now Dr. Dre is wack? Tell me again why you lost interest in Green Day and decided to become Mr. Hip-Hop Knowledge Guy? On top of that, folks also want to complain about drum compression, sequencing and mixing and a whole host of things I never cared about when I was just a fan. Bottomline, did it move me? Folks are sucking the soul out of the music.

My philosophy is this: I’ll never hear a song and THEN try and GO FIND the record that was sampled so I can make a beat out of it too, that would be biting. But…artists…give me a reason not to use the same sample as you or to feel bad after the fact. Why exactly should I refrain from using something that you have already used? I need to allow you to WASTE AN ILL RECORD because of the 10 people that heard your song? Add to the fact 95 percent of the time theres really no chance I’ve even heard your track in the first damn place, and I DO keep up with hip-hop in order to not be redundant with sampling. Let’s REALLY take it back to 1990; outdo me or shut up.

Bottomline…is it dope or is it wack? As a fan, that is really all you should be concerned with.